My First Exhibition

My first blog post for my new website, and what more fitting than writing about my first ever solo exhibition.

Old Town Cafe and Gallery were the hosts , situated in the heart of the Oxfordshire market town of Banbury.

It is a great place for a first exhibition, as the busy community cafe bustles with life, not only for the great coffee, snacks and chat, but for The Artery(a jam packed little art shop), art classroom and a picture framers all located in the one building. A fun fueled place, filled with infectious laughter and even a happy news board informing of all the good bits going on within the community.

Wall1The cafe offer their wall space to artists for a month at a time. The waiting list is very long, plus it really is a good chance not only for artists to show off their work to a varied audience, but for the coffee drinkers get the chance to see the world through different perspectives on regular basis.

I am a frequent customer myself, and love the multitude of creative talent I see whilst eating a delicious cherry and custard pastry. In preparation for the exhibition I needed to pick which pieces I wanted to hang.

As I paint in a variety of styles and mediums, it can be hard to group my work as a whole. So I decided to showcase a selection of my watercolour paintings. I sorted through all the portfolios and folders I have, and chose 14 of my pieces that I felt not only my strongest, but sat alongside the other pieces, perhaps not in perfect harmony, but comfortably at least.

Seeing them all together and framed, made me realise of what I am capable of. Walking into the cafe to get a morning drink, and seeing my art behind the heads of the regulars felt good.

Passing the cafe window and seeing one of my favourite pieces centre stage in the window, felt brilliant too. It was a little strange, unnerving but perhaps a little alluring to think I might over hear a conversation about my art (alas, I didn’t), just in general giving my pieces away for public daily judgement was scary in itself.

I loved it though, I am proud of myself for it and it has left me wanting to do more.

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