Lily and Rose Festival, Evenley Wood Garden

Only three days after my first solo exhibition, and I had my first trade stall at a show. This time it was in the beautiful location of Evenley Wood Garden, for their third annual Lily and Rose Festival. It was a one-day event, to show off the garden’s stunning lily and rose collection, growing amongst the woods. Selling there were a small number of unique craftsmen and traders, plus superb refreshments all surrounded by the picturesque settings of Evenley.

As this festival was set in a garden, I wanted to show off my slate art. Bringing my paintings for the outside also meant I got to display my stand in flowers.    July is lavender month, so perfect for Laid in Lavender! To exhibit the slate in, I picked the best of my plants from home (plus bought a couple more), I chose my favourite watercolour pieces from last month’s exhibition, and after raiding my house for stand props (and emergency ringing my bro-in-law for some ladders (see pics)) I was all set to show!

I only had the show booked for a month, but fortunately I had already been working towards another trade show in July, so I knew I would be able to pull an exhibition stand of my work all together in time. Plus, there is nothing like a little bit of pressure to make you up your game!

The day ran so smoothly, everyone was super friendly and welcoming, even the sun shone all day after weeks of rain! I was proud of my stand, and seeing all my hard work this year paying off in one small area. Unfortunately, I didn’t sell anything, but seeing as it was my first show, it was about more than just simply selling my art. It was great getting face to face feedback from the public, seeing what worked well and not so well and simply just getting my art out there. I would be more than happy to attend next year!

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