A Lavender winter

The winter months for Laid in Lavender hosted an array of activities and projects that I hadn’t done before. A different type of exhibition, Christmas cards plus a Christmas bazaar in an unusual location.

My favourite of the two pumpkins

October is the month for my favourite seasonal holiday, Halloween. But 2016 also brought along Oxford’s first tattoo convention, and seeing as my day job is tattooing, and my hometown is Oxford, it would be rude not to work this event! This gave me the chance to not only tattoo, but to exhibit my art work as Laid in Lavender at the same time. I painted two rather cute (so cute I’d have liked to have kept them) pumpkins on slate, and had a variety of skull and other watercolour prints for sale. I absolutely loved the event, plus sold a few pieces, so a good weekend.

Christmas soon came after, and I decided to branch out a little, and made Christmas cards to sell. Or rather, I painted four Christmas pieces, and passed all the hard work to a great designer. He was super patient with me, and produced four lovely cards, and had them printed to a great quality. They proved popular too! It also taught me a lesson, the design I almost dismissed before printing, was the best seller. You never really know what people may like!

Each of the four Christmas card designs
Part of my stall at the bazaar

The Christmas period also provided me with an art stall at a bazaar. With no more than 72 hours’ notice, I got together a small exhibition, with the Christmas cards and prints to sell. The host for the evening’s event was a residential home for the elderly. It wasn’t a particularly busy event, but what it lacked in numbers, it made up for in the Christmas cheer. Being along the families, seeing these residents with their loved ones at Christmas was really quite a special time. I sold some cards, met some of the lovely older people and filled myself with the joys of Christmas (helped along with the Mulled wine of course). I even got to cuddle a donkey.

The rest of the winter sailed through calmly. I had a steady stream of commissions, though I didn’t really sink my teeth into any new project of my own. Sometimes in the winter, I find it hard to get motivated, perhaps call it the winter blues. Yet as soon as Spring started to show some life, my motivation came back with a vengeance. Everywhere I’m looking, I’m seeing paintings or thinking about painting and drawing techniques. 2017 has really brought with it a lust for producing work, and all I can do is harness it and create just about as much as I can. Let’s hope the work and my passion for it continues to fire for the rest of the year.

 For more information and to check out his work, please visit www.toxicbydesign.com for all your graphic design needs.

If you’d like to see my work as a tattooist, please visit www.fontattoo.com

Photos and information on Oxford’s Tattoo Convention, please visit www.oxfordtattooconvention.com


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