Church Lane Gallery, Banbury

Man behind the idea, Barry Whitehouse

Banbury town centre, like many other towns along the country, have started to introduce pop up shops. Small businesses can open for a limited time, limited rent, to show case their wares without the responsibility of signing a many year lease. They also inject variety and spice into our somewhat dying high streets. I’m a big supporter of these little places, especially now that Banbury has its first pop up art gallery. Set up by local artist and art shop ‘The Artery’ owner, Barry Whitehouse, this gallery gives the chance for local talent to have their artwork seen in their high street. The idea behind it that the artists get to show their work, plus donate a little of their time too.

Today* has been my first allotted time in here, and I have loved every minute. It’s a little hub in the centre of Banbury, where we can go to discuss art with likeminded people. It’s a place of beauty, of tranquillity, just something a little more special than the chains of mediocrity that we often and only see now walking down the shopped streets of our towns.

I am yet to be exhibited here, I have been asked though. I’ll need to find the right one or two pieces to sit alongside what is on offer. There is such variety here, such a range of techniques and processes, that no two artists are the same. It’ll be a pleasure, and an honour to see something of mine exhibited here.

Amy, LiL


*Edit, this was written on the day I stewarded the gallery, but posted several days later.



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