ArtFest 2017

Painting next to artist David Blakemore

My first exhibition of this year was at ArtFest, part of the Banbury and District annual show. It was an exhibition of a different kind, one where the artists and artisans perform their trades as part of the show. There were spoon makers, jewellers, painters, sculptors, potters and felt makers among others.

It was also the very first ArtFest at the B&D show, so a fantastic opportunity to be a part of it. Not only was it the first one of its kind, it was my first show among other artists. My previous exhibitions have been mixed in with many different stalls, but June 4th was my initial showcase with only art exhibitors as my neighbours. Which felt rather good!

‘Allan’, one of the two paintings I completed at the show


The show was very much a success, with over 1000 people through the door. Everybody was very welcoming, and the range of art available was bountiful. The sun shone down on us all day too. My very good friend turned wonderful assistant for the day (which provided an infectious cackle throughout the marquee), I met a few wonderful artists, plus the outside of the art marquee had a selection of baby farm animals. The day couldn’t have gotten much better!

I’ll see you there next year! I’ll be in the art tent (or with the ducklings)!

Amy, LiL


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