Last of the summer shows

The beautiful blue skies at Bodfest’17

I’m finally sitting down after the last of the summer shows, and it feels good to relax. Today’s* event was Bodfest, a one day, annual show taking place near Banbury, Oxfordshire, hosting a range of activities and stalls, food stands and live music. I’d really looked forward to this event, as it was my most successful exhibition last year.

This venue was a different from 2016, Bodfest’17 was in the Banbury Rugby grounds. A few things were different because of this; security had been upped (picnics were banned!), dogs were not permitted (awful news to my ears), so both these, plus some other criticisms had caused a little of an uproar on social media proceeding Bodfest. Naturally, I had a few reservations before the day.

It started off with a trickle of people through the doors, but the beaming sunshine was giving me lots of hope the day would be a good one. I saw a few familiar faces, and was excited to be spending the day with my boyfriend by my side, as he’d never ‘done’ a show with me before.

The day was slow, and seemed somewhat flat after the success of last year. Speaking among the other exhibitors I showed with before, they also felt the same. The flow of people just didn’t seem to reach us, unfortunately. The hosts and volunteers put an excellent effort in and were so helpful, yet, it just didn’t seem to work as it had previously. I had nowhere near as many conversations with the public, in fact many seemed to be scared off as soon as the word ‘hello’ was mentioned. We were even the opposite side of the site from the beer taps, a reason, I suspect, that we lacked human traffic!

Mr Laid in Lavender, and me

The best part of today, has been sharing it with my partner. We rarely get the chance to spend time together, not in the sunshine and never away at a show, so this chance was rare and special. It’s a little out of his comfort zone to be in a situation ‘selling’ something, customer facing, but the boy did good. It was good to have my art and my man by my side, facing it all together. Shame not a thing sold.

 I don’t do these events to sell everything, or much at all. But looking at it from a business point of view, these events need to raise a little at least, for me to be able to continue them. But that is another matter for another time. For now, I will retire to the sofa, no work in hand with a beer. I’d like to say celebrating the end of the summer shows with my fella, but he is in bed with sunstroke!



Amy, LiL


 *Written on the day, edited a few days later




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